Internet of Everything (IoE): Opportunities for Integrating IoT Technologies

Move beyond the Internet of Things (IoT) and its enabling technologies to discover how you can incorporate the Internet of Everything (IoE) into your organisation. 

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    6 weeks

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    6-8 hours per week

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    Tutor guided

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Evidence your learning with a Certificate of Achievement from the University of Cambridge on successful completion

    • Start

      17 April 2023

    • Finish

      29 May 2023

    • Enrol by

      11 April 2023

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Course overview

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that extends far beyond the Internet of Things (IoT), facilitating the integration of seemingly disconnected IoT technologies and applications, and reinventing the ways businesses operate. Many IoT applications (referred to as IoXs) are commercially viable but are limited by a lack of interaction between different branches. This course will highlight the novel interconnections between IoX branches, and demonstrate how you can capitalise on these connections to create ground-breaking applications.  

You will explore the challenges associated with the integration of heterogeneous technologies into your business workflows and how to interface them with the universe at different scales. This understanding will also help you quantify the impact of incorporating emerging IoX’s, such as, the Internet of Senses and the Internet of Bio-Nano Things, into your organisation, and plan efficient strategies for their seamless integration.  

This course will equip you with the interdisciplinary toolkit that is necessary to analyse different types of technologies and applications from a technical perspective. You will understand how to identify and overcome redundancies and interoperability problems between interacting technologies and processes, and discover strategies to solve those issues. 

What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • investigate existing IoT technologies and applications from a communication and networking perspective
  • assess the role of newIoXs (different IoT specialisations)in the IoE framework based on their potential interaction pathways
  • investigate seemingly disconnected technologies to create new applications using the IoE framework
  • analyse an existing IoE application and underlying interactions
  • evaluate the multiplier effect from the unification of heterogeneous technologies 
  • map emerging technologies (such as graphene, neural interfaces, synthetic biology, molecular and quantum communications) from various disciplines onto the IoE framework  
  • design a new IoE application defining synergistic interactions between existing technologies  
  • reflect on interdisciplinary progress at the intersection of many fields that are relevant to your background, with the potential to expand your career prospects in academy and industry.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at:

  • researchers 
  • engineers 
  • scientists 
  • developers 
  • entrepreneurs 
  • ICT, IoT and biotech or nanotechnology enthusiasts 
  • technology business developers 
  • technology managers. 

What will I get on completion?

Evidence your learning with a Certificate of Achievement from the University of Cambridge on successful completion

Course dates

  • 2023

    17 Apr - 29 May

    Places available

    Enrol by 11 Apr


Level of knowledge

  • this course does not have any particular academic or professional entry requirements. However you will need a basic understanding and knowledge of communication and networking technologies at the very fundamental level, including: main functions of a transmitter, receiver, router, and channel in a communication system
  • a keen interest in wired and wireless networking technologies, biotechnologies, and nanotechnologies would be helpful throughout the learning process, but is not necessary. 

Materials & equipment

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