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Developments in Cancer Immunotherapy

Master the building blocks of cancer immunology and immunotherapy and explore future paths in therapeutic innovation. 

  • Duration

    4 weeks

  • Commitment

    4 hours a week

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  • Study mode

    Tutor guided

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Evidence your learning with a Certificate of Achievement from the University of Cambridge on successful completion

    • Start

      15 July 2024

    • Finish

      12 August 2024

    • Enrol by

      08 July 2024

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Course overview

Embarking on this course places you at the interdisciplinary convergence of immunology, cancer biology and drug development – a field marked by significant transformation over recent years. 

This course weaves together complex systems with actionable learning, addressing the industry’s urgent need for professionals who can grasp and apply this multifaceted knowledge practically. 

You will gain comprehensive insights into the innate and adaptive immune responses to cancer, the mechanisms through which cancers elude immune detection and the principles underlying the design and future prospects of immunotherapy. Each module delves into critical areas of medical and biopharmaceutical interest, propelled by the success of novel biologic, technological and cell therapy approaches. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have a deep understanding of the challenges and future opportunities in immunotherapy, along with a detailed knowledge of its side effects and response monitoring, empowering you with the confidence to navigate and contribute to the evolving landscape of cancer treatment. 

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • articulate the molecular, cellular and anatomic architecture of the innate and adaptive immune system and the basis for self/non-self recognition
  • explain the stages of cancer development, their clinical significance, the hallmarks of cancer and the mechanisms of immunosurveillance, editing and escape
  • articulate the existing landscape of immunotherapies and describe the side effects of immunotherapy and the monitoring of therapeutic immune responses
  • explain emergent barriers to immunotherapy responsiveness and discover areas for future immunotherapy.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at:

  • research scientists and facilitators in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector
  • programme managers and leaders within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector
  • investment analysts and programme managers within the venture capital and investment industry
  • medical liaison officers in the pharmaceutical industry
  • biomedical scientists and students wishing to gain an in-depth understanding of cancer immunology and immunotherapy
  • advertising and communications staff within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

Course delivery

Our certificated courses reflect the Cambridge experience and values, with low student to tutor ratios and academically rigorous standards. Our learning model is designed to help you advance your skills and specialise in emerging areas that address global challenges. We will help you build your network through an engaging and impactful learning journey that encourages collaboration. Courses are delivered in weekly modules, allowing you to plan your time effectively. The assessment criteria will be presented to you at the start of the course, so you can approach your studies with confidence and motivation, knowing what is expected of you and how to meet those expectations. 

Throughout your online learning experience, you will have access to your course tutor, who will help facilitate your learning and provide you with support and guidance during your studies. You can interact with your tutor through a range of media, such as live sessions, discussion forums, email or canvas messaging. 

Each course includes a balance of:

  • interactive learning and real-world application so you can directly apply what you’re learning to your own context
  • diverse teaching methods to enhance learning outcomes which will be delivered via learning activities such as University of Cambridge academic led videos, quizzes and group work
  • optional live sessions (1 hour) with University of Cambridge academics and tutors to deepen your understanding of the week's material. These sessions may include an informal Q&A, a short lecture or a breakout activity that builds on the content introduced that week. All sessions are recorded and made available to stream so you can catch up whenever suits you
  • guided critical thinking via our reflective workbook so you can collect, structure and summarise information and your thoughts as you progress through the course. 

What will I get on completion?

Evidence your learning with a Certificate of Achievement from the University of Cambridge on successful completion

Course dates

  • 2024

    15 Jul - 12 Aug

    Places available

    Enrol by 08 Jul


Level of knowledge

  • an undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences or medicine
  • a level of spoken and written English sufficient to allow you to participate and succeed in the course (we recommend that you have an English Language level equivalent to an IELTS score of 7, as outlined in section 5 of our Terms of Purchase (Opens in a new window))

Materials & equipment

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