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Simon Hall

Simon Hall

Director (Creative Warehouse), author and former BBC News Correspondent

About me

Simon Hall runs his own business communication agency, Creative Warehouse, and is a journalist, author and business coach.

He teaches communication, media, business, writing, presentation and storytelling skills at the University of Cambridge, along with universities across England, for government departments and companies.

He’s helped guide businesses from the start up stage to multi-million pound success, and has taken up Director of Communication roles at three companies.

Simon has a series of books and talks on business communication published, including - public speaking and presentations - writing blogs - how to secure media coverage - the art of being interviewed by journalists – the secrets of storytelling - leadership communication - along with eight novels in the thriller genre.

Previously, he was a broadcaster for 25 years, mostly as a BBC Television, Radio and Online News Correspondent. 

He has also written BBC radio comedy, short stories, plays and even a pantomime.



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