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Henry Ajder

MPhil Philosophy, University of Cambridge BA Philosophy, University of Warwick

Jesus College Intellectual Forum Senior Research Associate

About me

Henry Ajder is a globally recognised advisor, broadcaster, and speaker working at the frontier of the generative AI and deepfake revolution. Since 2018, Henry’s research has transformed global understanding of generative AI. He advises organisations on the opportunities and challenges these revolutionary technologies present, including Adobe, Meta, the UK Government, BBC, EY and The Partnership on AI.

Henry has led initiatives on generative AI at organisations including MIT, WITNESS, Sensity AI and Synthetic Futures. His work on deepfakes and generative AI has influenced international legislation, cybersecurity policy and corporate AI strategy. Henry presented the BBC series, The Future Will be Synthesised, and regularly features in international media including The New York Times, MIT Tech Review, and CNN. His writing has been published by the likes of WIRED, The Next Web, and NYU. An established keynote speaker, Henry has spoken at global events including SXSW, CogX and Adweek.



Top 20 European power player in generative AI by the Financial Times’ Sifted Publication

Top 15 Global generative AI speaker by Champions Speaking Agency.


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