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Dr Bronwyn Claire

PhD, BSc(Ag)(Hons), BComm

Fellow at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

About me

Dr Bronwyn Claire has extensive experience across environmental, risk and finance fields. She is a Sustainable Finance Specialist in the Climate and ESG Solution at Ortec Finance. Bronwyn is a lead for the research and innovation of Ortec Finance’s climate scenario analysis products and communication of macroeconomic and financial impacts of climate change.

Before joining Ortec Finance, Bronwyn led ClimateWise at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) for four years and continues as a Fellow with CISL. ClimateWise is a platform bringing over 40 insurance industry firms together to research, respond and report on practical actions to manage climate change and climate risk.

Previously Bronwyn was with KPMG’s risk consulting practice in Hong Kong and Australia, leading projects for financial services firms in internal audit and enterprise risk management. Bronwyn has a BSc(Ag), BCom and a PhD in agricultural and resource economics and has worked across academic research and government roles in environmental economics and risk management. Growing up and now returning to a farm in Western Australia, she is dedicated to implementing practical solutions for the sustainability of the whole economy and society.